Productions mechanical precision

PMP is one of the biggest Italian contract manufacturer of high precision, top quality mechanical components.

Thanks to its consolidated position on the domestic and European market, as well as its high-performance industrial equipment and machineries, competitive instruments for the manufacturing process and quality control, important investments in employee training and R&D, PMP has become the ideal Partner for the companies which require top technologies, innovating solutions and custom-tailored parts.

PMP is able to manage and protect its data at the best way, using a state-of-the-art IT system, governed entirely by an internal server room. In 2017 the company switched to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and we are now able to manage, verify and plan the entire production process, in order to guarantee clear and detailed answers to our customers.

Company profile


PMP is the ideal partner for companies looking for high technological innovation, a high level of quality and customised services to meet various requirements. Flexibility, reliability, innovation and quality are the cornerstones of our philosophy, and a customised service that responds to customer requests.


Our goal is to become a leader in the relevant sectors by constantly raising the level of service offered. We strongly believe in achieving our goals through the work of the whole team; human resources are the real factor of success.